Why appraisals are essential to business growth


With a new year comes new opportunities, new chances for growth, and positive change! It’s very important to hold regular Personal Development Plans (PDPs) with your staff to make sure they are on the right track. Some businesses opt for once a year, but every 6 months is ideal. This doesn’t necessarily mean a pay rise every 6 months, it just gives you the chance to really sit down with your staff, review past performance and set realistic future goals. Keep reading to find out why appraisals are essential to business growth! 

Staff development

Regular appraisals give both you and your staff time to develop. From a staff point of view, it’s important that staff understand they are being monitored and that good behaviour will be rewarded! It’s also a great chance for you to point out any training that may be beneficial for them. By setting goals within the appraisal, you are both clear about what will be followed up in 6 months or a year’s time. It might be a great time to recognise the efforts of some of your key players and reward them accordingly!

Management growth

Appraisals/PDPs are also really beneficial for you, being the manager or company director of a business! You may receive some feedback from your staff that may spark a change in management processes. As well, it’s a good opportunity for you to make your expectations really clear and introduce any company changes that will be happening in the next 6 months.

How can we help?

Delivering good news to employees can be an easy conversation, however, when you’re dealing with underperformers the conversation can be a bit trickier. Here are just a few ways that we can help add value to your performance management process: 

  • Working with managers to set objectives/KPI’s
  • Implementing an appraisal process and providing full training
  • Dealing with underperformers

If you feel as though you or your management team needs help or guidance when it comes to appraisals, we’re here to help. It’s what we do!

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