What Brexit changes do you need to be aware of?


End of free movement for EU nationals

On the 1st of January 2021, free movement for all EU nationals ended and the UK introduced a point-based immigration system.  The system treats EU and non-EU citizens equally.   Anyone coming into the UK to work needs to ensure they have the same visa requirements as other non-EU citizens.

As well, to recruit from outside the UK, Employers are required to hold a sponsor licence for which there are several rules that govern how they are issued and used. The following link gives full information regarding this www.gov.uk/uk-visa-sponsorship-employers.

Points-based immigration system

The points-based immigration system is a scheme in which job applicants from outside of the UK, are awarded points based on certain characteristics, for example, their qualifications, salary level, and if the role in which they are applying for is in shortage. Under the new system, there will be several visa routes in which overseas nationals could come to the UK to work.

EU Settlement Scheme

EU nationals who were residents in the UK before 31st December 2020 can continue to live and work in the UK as long as they apply for, and successfully obtain, Settled or Pre-Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme.  The deadline for the scheme is 30th June 2021, if you have any EU employees you should encourage them to apply for Settled or Pre-Settled Status asap to ensure they have the necessary documents in place by the 30th June 2021.

If you fail to do the correct right to work checks for your employees and the Home Office finds you do not hold the correct documents the fines you can incur can be up to £20,000.

How can Spire HR help?

We don’t mean to panic you but just make you aware in advance of the changes you may need to make in your business. If you would like to know further information on the EU Settlement Scheme or any information on the EU changes you need to be aware of as a business, then feel free to get in touch with one of our team.

We tend to work with small to medium businesses as their outsourced HR provider, helping you to keep updated with all the correct information and providing bespoke business advice on a flexible retainer.

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