Providing HR Support to Warrington Mortgage Centre

Spire HR & WMC

We at Spire HR are a local company based in Warrington who specialise in helping companies with advice, support, payroll, recruiting, and more.

Luckily for us, we’re not limited to working within a particular industry and have experience working with a range of clients, including mortgage advisors. One of our clients is Warrington Mortgage Centre who is based in, you guessed it, Warrington!

Sam Fox and his team approached us as they wanted to outsource some of the more time-consuming but essential tasks which seemed to crop up quite often. For example, setting up contracts for new employees and making amendments to existing contacts was something that Sam was keen to outsource to us.

We are committed to building long-term relationships which is why we really do value the feedback and amazing reviews we receive from our clients. Here’s what Sam had to say about us…

 “We’ve worked with Ellen & the team at Spire HR for over 2 years and have had tremendous support from the setting up of contracts, to arranging monthly Payroll. They’re super quick to respond to our queries and make sure all of our HR headaches are taken care of. I’d highly recommend them!”

As we are an out-sourced HR company this means we can be flexible, efficient, and cost-effective for our clients. For example, Sam and the Warrington Mortgage Centre team have some services that are required every month (such as payroll) but some that are required on more of an ad-hoc basis (such as contracts). Being able to adjust the monthly retainer has proved very handy for them and means that we can deliver the services that are needed efficiently and smoothly. It also means that if they are very busy one month, we can make sure any immediate requirements are fulfilled.

If you choose to outsource your HR to Spire, it also means that you will be kept up to date with any employment laws or changes. With years of experience in the field, we are also able to offer advice and additional support or training to Managers and Directors for when it comes to sensitive topics such as handling redundancy.

Sam chose to speak to us so that he could focus on doing what he does best – offering mortgage advice and building relationships with potential clients! The bottom line is, when you invest in outsourcing your HR, you have free time to focus on your profits and other important business requirements.

Whether you need support with redundancies, restructuring, a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, or general HR and employment advice, don’t hesitate to contact our expert HR team.

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