Introducing Spire HR’s ‘employment cycle’ – the secret to holistic success

Are you an SME in need of comprehensive HR-oriented support?

If so, Spire HR are a team of professionals ready and waiting to help.

Offering a holistic service that is firmly centred around an ‘employment cycle’ concept, Spire HR consider themselves an extension of any company they work with – ensuring they fully understand your business objectives in order to provide the best results every time.

“We see it as going on a journey together – presenting a provision that’s as ‘hands on’ or ‘behind the scenes’ as the businesses we work with want us to be,” said Ellen Parkin MCIPD, Managing Director at Spire HR.

“The primary idea behind our employment cycle is to show SMEs what good HR practice looks like and to emphasise the importance of having the fundamentals in full working order from the outset.”

Through their retained package options, Spire can assist with the recruitment stage – the first milestone in their employment cycle – by preparing job descriptions and person specifications; sourcing and reviewing CVs; handling interviews and rejection letters; and creating company inductions and a dedicated handbook.

“Once an employee is in post – having successfully come through the selection/interview stage and then completing their company induction – they enter a period of their working life that initially covers essential areas such as training and performance management, but then, in seemingly no time at all, they’re on their way and carving out a fully-fledged career,” added Ellen.

Spire HR’s highly experienced and fully CIPD-qualified team have the requisite knowledge and skill-set to guide senior managers and key decision makers through their employees’ wide and varied career trajectories.

“If you want to get the best out of your people, let us take responsibility for handling employee relations – from highly sensitive situations such as disciplinary and grievance cases, where counselling support may be necessary, to offering transparent advice on compensation and benefits,” explained Ellen. “We can even introduce an appraisal system so you can start to measure the performance of your workforce against a set of criteria that’s fully compliant with employment law regulations – and which, of course, contributes to your business growth and success.”

As part of their employment law-related offering, Spire can work with you on new contracts and amendments to existing contracts; settlement agreements; TUPE transfers; and redundancy advice

Other ad-hoc areas cover learning and development, as well as designing and implementing training courses for managers, team leaders and supervisors – resources that Spire HR refer to as ‘HR Toolkits’.

“We are confident that our team always provides high-quality HR support in whatever capacity it’s required – whether that be over the phone, by email or face to face,” said Ellen.

“As the companies we work with have an assigned HR Manager or Director, in the event of us taking annual leave, a full handover is provided to another equally qualified team member so that a seamless service is always guaranteed.”

To find out more about Spire HR’s services – including retained package options – telephone the team on 01925 626523 or email